NAS subcommittee- NYSC was formed with reference to the following constitution clauses.


·         Clause 3.1 – advance the culture and customs of Nattukottai Chettiars in Singapore

·         Clause 3.3 – To Organize cultural, educational, social and sporting activities for the members

·         Clause 11.8 – The MC shall have the right to appoint sub-committees


Long Term Stabilization

·         Thanneermalai and Lakshmanan S – will be the advisors for 3 years from Y2021 with each year NAS President

·         By 3 years there should be a pipeline of capable and enthusiastic youth to take leadership

·         Once this is established, Thanneermalai & Lakshmanana can step down or continue as appropriate at the time


Gap:  Chettiar children and youth have only a limited connection to the temple – mainly for praying or attending functions.  These are not attractive enough to:

·         give them enough of an emotional connection to the community

·         provide enough knowledge of the community

·         create a strong community identity


A weak emotional connection to the community contributes to the departure of youth from the community.  Having activities also enables youth to know each other.  It is estimated that there are between 15 – 20 children born in Singapore each year.


Solution:  Give children and youth from the age of 6 to 25 various suitable activites throughout their growing years to reinforce their identity and emotional connection to the temple.

Target Age Groups:

6 – 10 Years – Storytelling

11 – 13  Years – Nagarathar Culture Class,  (Thevaram is also a pre-existing activity)

14 – 25 Years – NAS Youth Wing


Youth Wing Aim:  Organize activities during each school holidays, which are:

·         Cantered around the Temple

·         Includes educational activities about the community

·         Enables all age groups to mix together and including boys and girls

·         Be fun so youth will look forward to come without any compulsion

·         Organized by youth with light involvement of adults to enable youth leadership to develop


Criteria for Selecting Activities:

·         Develops knowledge of traditional Chettiar or Tamil culture

·         Enables participation of anyone without a pre-requisite so that all can participate, have fun and get to know each other

·         Low cost so that funds need not be requested from NAS or CTS. Self-funded is best

·         Not competitive but collaborative encouraging bonding


Activity Framework:

·         Not too many that it is taxing

·         4 activities in each year

·         Youth committee leaders – at least 1 boy and 1 girl (can be more) - 17 years and above

·         Adult advisors – Lakshmanan, Thaneermalai, Palaniappan/NAS President

·         Youth brainstorming group of between 6 to 10 members the ages of 14 – 18.  Equal mix boys/girls.  Larger pool is chosen at the beginning so that we can identify 4 to 6 capable youth for an eventual sub-committee with 2 youth leaders (1 boy & 1 girl)

·         Ideas to come from youth


Possible activities:

·         March holidays: Koko at Fort Canning Park with training sessions

·         June holidays: 3 day 2 night camp at the temple with traditional activities and games

·         Sep holidays: Traditional games – indoor, charades

·         Dec holidays – NCC class and some other event – picnic, hiking, sports

·         At suitable dates: Youth cultural programs, Tamil literature programs


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