STEC Education Center

Dear Nagarathars,

STEC (Singapore Thandayuthpani Education Centre) has been in operation from 1996 serving Singapore Nagarathar community , Over two decades of service spanning across basic computer courses , advance technical course and fine arts courses. STEC is run by Nagarathars for Nagarathars. In recent times STEC shifted its focus in grooming Nagarathars kids and conducted several enrichment camps.

STEC is now inviting vibrant Nagarathars to join the journey of enriching the community . Here is an excellent opportunity to excel your interest. Enrich our kids with the skills you have. You can be mentor and coach the kids, you can be supporter who can support during camps and fieled trips or you can be coordinator to arrange and run courses.

Use the below link to register your interest and our STEC representatives will be in touch with you soon to embark your new journey

STEC Conducts courses for Children, Home makers, Snr Citizens etc on topics;
1. Using macro in Excel – Advanced
2. Database and Big Data
3. Tally – Accounting solutions for non-accountants
4. Art and Craft for Children
5. Photography and video editing courses