Singapore Nagarathar Sports Council (SNSC ), a youth wing of Nagarathar Association, started conducting sports events for adult and children from year 2006.

The Sports Council is an advisory committee comprised of community member-leaders from the Community. The Sports Council is dedicated to monitoring, improving and promoting recreational sporting opportunities to the members. Furthermore, the Council strives to enhance the effectiveness of the sports activities, policies and procedures.

The following are prospective duties, objectives and responsibilities for Sports Council.

 Objectives / Duties of the Council:
* to assist NAS in promoting sports and develop strategies for increasing participation
* to foster Nagarathar community bonding through the promotion of sports for the people living in Singapore.
* to keep the Nagarathar residents of the Singapore informed of Government action and policy on all matters  pertaining to sports
* to evaluate and recommend policy and procedure and organize sports activities
* to encourage active participation in all sports activities
* To improve members’ sports experience based on feedback
* to attract more Nagarathar new comers in Singapore from all parts of the world
* to create awareness on all the sports among our community children and To identify talented individuals
* To Serve as Advisory Board for Recreational Sports Department issues
* To give leadership opportunity and visibility for members interested in sports activity
* To build relationship with external bodies

Major events proudly conducted by SNSC are;
1. Outdoor Cricket tournament
2. Chess and Rubick cube training for kids
3. Badminton tournament
4. Chess and Carrom tournament
5. Futsal Tournament
6. Bowling Tournament
7. Indoor Cricket Tournament

To inquire about sports training and events, reach
Muthuganapathy /
Kumar /

There are no events.