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Nagarathars also called as Nattukottai Chettiars hail from the Pandya Kingdom of Tamilnadu State, India. Nattukottai Chettiars arrived in Singapore during early 1820’s and have settled down by doing Money lending business. At present, members of the 1000 odd Nattukottai Chettiar families in Singapore can be found in civil service, banking, educational institutions, Information Technology, Construction Industry and other professions.

Nagarathar Association (Singapore) is a registered society since 2003 in Singapore. Knowing the growing needs of a diverse community in the rapidly developing country, the Association was registered on 30th of May 2002 under the Societies act by the Registry of Societies, Singapore. The Association operates from 15 A, Tank Road, Singapore – 238065.

The aim and objective of the association is as follows.

  • To promote, foster and advance the welfare, culture and customs of the members who belong to the Nagarathar Community also known as Nattukottai Chettiars residing in Singapore.
  • To organize charitable activities for the underprivileged.
  • To organize cultural, educational, social and sporting activities for the association members. Some of the activities that includes Local Picnic, Overseas tour, Cultural program’s, Kids activities. One of the main tasks of NAS is to organize the annual Pillayar Nonbu, which is unique for Nagarathar community members alone.
  • To establish educational scholarships for the members and their immediate families.
  • To encourage healthy exchange of ideas and experiences between the members and Nattukottai Chettiars worldwide.

The membership of the association is subjected to approval and only for Nattukottai Chettiars’ Community residing in Singapore and be atleast 21 years of age.

The association’s committee members will be changed every year in the annual general meeting.

The new Management Committee and the office bearers for the year 2021 were elected in the AGM held on 3rd January 2021.

Current Year Executive Committee Members: