Pillayar Nonbu Registration 2019

Dear Nagarathars,

Pillayar Nonbu is celebrated on 31st December 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM @ ST Temple wedding hall.

Please use this link  to register https://forms.gle/P3c3mJsensRDLKYL6 and pay the total amount via PayNow details given in the google forms on or before 20/12/2019.

Payment Instructions

  • Please make the payment by 20th December 2019.
  • PayNow using  UEN number UEN T02SS0070J
  • Note: In PayNow Comments, Please pre-fix with “PN” followed by your NAS ID for our reference. Example:  PN-L286

Participation fees for Members is Adult $6 and Child (below 12 yrs) is $3

Members defined

  • Life members
  • Yearly members who have paid all their subscription fees and no dues
  • Member family constitute only their immediate family members



  • Participation fees – Adult $9 and Child (below 12 yrs) is $6
  • Subscription due for more than 2 years shall be considered as “non-member”
  • Relative of Member

During Pillayar Nonbu you can also perform the below activities

* Convert for yearly member to life member

* Yearly members shall pay their subscription dues and subscription for year 2020

* Members can buy NAS members address book for $12/pc

* New members can submit their application

* Members on employment pass/SP/WP need to update yearly their status and shall update us

* Members shall update their contact particulars


Google Form Link – https://forms.gle/P3c3mJsensRDLKYL6 for pillayar nonbu registration.


Nagarathar Association Singapore – 2019